The Melody That Follows Me

by Glenn Crytzer's Secluded Seven



When we realized in early March that, due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, freelance musicians were going to be out of work for quite a while, I decided to make a recording to help make up for musicians' lost income with some music that would lift the spirits of listeners stuck inside at home.

The album is set to "pay what you want" with all monies from the EP shared between the out-of-work musicians who created it.

While jazz records are usually made with all the musicians together in one room so that they can play off of each other's improvisations, I knew that wouldn't be possible due to gathering restrictions and closed recording studios, so this album was made with each musician recording his or her part at home, separately. I brought together an All-Star group of musicians from NYC, NOLA, and LA who I knew would be able to anticipate what their fellow musicians would do and play off of those anticipations.

The songs on the album include "The Melody That Follows Me," a new original composition of my own, as well as two new arrangements of previously recorded originals, "Lucky Devil" and "I Wish I Hadn't Forgotten," by Jason Jurzak and Bria Skonberg respectively. We rounded out the EP with covers of J. Berni Barbour's 1924 hit "My Daddy Rocks Me" in an arrangement inspired by the Benny Goodman small groups, and "Quincy Street Stomp" (aka Blame It On the Blues") a 1914 ragtime by Charles "Doc" Cooke that was retitled as Quincy Street Stomp by Sidney Bechet for a 1946 recording.


released May 5, 2020

Glenn Crytzer (guitar, celesta tr. 3, arranger, bandleader, vox tr. 1)
Bria Skonberg (trumpet, vox tr.5)
Evan Christopher (clarinet, soprano sax tr. 4)
Chloe Feoranzo (tenor sax, clarinet tr 4, vox tr. 3)
Ben Paterson (piano)
Jason Jurzak (bass)
Josh Collazo (drums)

Produced by Glenn Crytzer
Mixed by Glenn Crytzer
Mastered by Steve Turnidge at Ultraviolet Studios, Seattle
Cover Art: Laura Glaess


all rights reserved


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